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Portrait of the artist as a swimmer. pencil Drawing in black and white on fabriano paper


Cristina has a few slots every year for private commissions, and she loves working with a collector to create a special and unique piece which will bring them joy.

In this page you will find some basic information and please do not hesitate to contact Cristina if you would like to commission a portrait, a still life or a landscape.

A commission can be either on paper or on canvas and the work will be in colour pencils on pencils and graphite (black and white) 


price of a commissioned piece depends on the size and complexity of the work. As a general reference please see prices on this website. For extra-large work the price will take into consideration the size of the piece.

When you commission a piece Cristina will send you a detailed budget with all costs included such as artist's fee,  materials and shipping or delivering and installing.

 For works on paper often it is easier to ship the piece frameless and then you can have it framed by a trusted framer; however, Cristina is happy to have it framed for you by Gale & Co, a very professional framing workshop in Birmingham, UK. 

As standard practice 50% of the total payment is due when you commission your piece, and 50% is due prior to delivery.

If you are interested in commissioning a portrait, Cristina is able to travel to your preferred location in the UK (which will be covered in the Artist Expenses) as she prefers to take her own reference photos and get to know the subject of the portrait; however, she is perfectly happy to work from your own photos if the portrait is a surprise gift. 

If you are interested in a statement piece for your house or office, Cristina will be happy to discuss with you various options and you will be an integral part of the creative process. For a statement piece as well, Cristina is happy to travel to see where the work will be hung. 

As the reference images are collected Cristina will consult you to choose the perfect composition and to ensure you will be  happy with the finished work of art. 

Cristina will be sharing visual updates throughout the creation project and the collector will decide how often these updates are sent. For each work of art Cristina retains the reproduction rights, a collector cannot reproduce the piece as an artist print or a giclee print and sell it.


The length of time it takes to complete a commission depends on its size and complexity. A single small portrait is generally completed in 3 or 4 weeks, but a very large statement piece can take up to 8 weeks of work. 

Cristina will start work on your piece as soon as you pay the initial 50% and if there is a waiting list you will be immediately made aware of it. 

Shipping takes approximately a week in the UK but unfortunately it might take up to 2 months in Europe, unless the collector is happy for Cristina to book an express delivery (price will be specified in the budget). 

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