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Upcoming Exhibitions

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11th March - 16th March 224 at the Mall Galleries, London
Private View 12th March 18.00- 20.30

I am a full member of The Society of Graphic Fine Art which was established in 1019 and it is the only UK Society dedicated exclusively to drawing and this is their 103rd Open Exhibition.

I have always been fascinated by the beauty and significance of cloth and clothes in art and in life: we keep clothes and mementoes and each time we touch them they reveal and untangle memories we thought we lost for ever.

These drawings are part of a series which depict the t-shirts and jumpers my adult children left behind when they moved out. These works started during the lockdowns when, unable to see them, I started washing, drawing, and tidying up their old clothes. This domestic, time-consuming process helped me cope with the pain of not being able to see them and the clothes and the process of drawing replaced the pain with memories. As time passed, I continued to draw clothes and pieces of cloth to cherish memories I believed forgotten.


drawing in colour pencils on Fabriano paper of a cardigan to be exhibited at the Mall Galleries



4th April - 14th April 2024 at Gallery @OXO, London
Private View 3rd of April 18.00- 20.00

portrait of a woman in colour pencils on Fabriano paper to be exhibited at the Derwent Prize

The Derwent Art Prize invites artists from around the world to enter their best works in pencils. It is a very prestigious and competitive prize and out of 6,000 entries from 77 countries, only 69 where selected. I am incredibly pleased and grateful to have had my work shortlisted!
This drawing, "The sisterhood" was inspired by a book I read about the Pre- raphaelites brotherhood. Having made Birmingham in the Uk my home for the last 30 years, I wanted to create a piece which echoed this town artistic heritage but I wanted to turn it around and make a woman, not only the muse but also the creator. The background is a detail of one of the wallpapers attributed to William Morris but, in reality designed by his daughter.


10th May - 18th May at No Format Gallery, London
Private view 10th may 18.00-21.00

No Format Gallery is a multidisciplinary visual arts exhibition space in London. Every year the Second Floor Studios run an Open call and I am very pleased to have a small piece in it.
Looking back is a silverpoint drawing. I am attracted to silverpoint because it was used in renaissance drawings when lead pencils did not exist. In order to use a silverpoint the paper needs to be prepared with a gesso background and the tip of the metal (silver in this case) scratches the surface making marks. Silver point cannot be erased so there is a lot of preparation behind a drawing. One of the beautiful characteristics of silverpoint is that it oxidise with exposure to light becoming a warm golden hue.

Cristina Celestini, looking , silverpoint on prepared paper. 20x20 cm.JPG
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