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This is a series of drawings of a piece of cloth with its many folds and textures. I have always been fascinated by the beauty and significance of cloth in art and in life: we are swaddled in a piece of cloth when we are born and we are shrouded in one when we die, we keep clothes as mementoes and each time we touch them they reveal memories we thought lost for ever. In this series of drawings, I try to unfold and unveil the stories of women and fears my grandmother told me when I was a child. The serene composition and the overall colour of these drawings contrasts with the stories and memories hidden among the folds and the texture of this old piece of cloth. This series is also an homage to Leonardo’s drawings of cloth, my first models when I learned to draw. The use of colour pencils on smooth paper allows me to build the texture with my mark making instead of relying on textured paper and, with layering and patience, to achieve unexpected effects.

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